Bay Area Radio Station Features Engage Founder

KHMB Half Moon Bay recently featured Engage As You Age’s founder on its weekly radio broadcast, Porch Talk, a radio show focused on healthy aging.

Host Jeannine Clark interviewed Ben Lewis the KHMB studios January 20. The broadcast is available in its entirety on the station’s website.

If you’ve ever wanted to know…

  • The story of how Ben Lewis decided to start Engage As You Age
  • Why it’s so critical to provide older adults with consistent, meaningful interaction
  • Where Engage As You Age helps families determine how best to provide purpose for their elderly loved one (hint – it’s at your home!)
  • How customized one-on-one social interaction can improve seniors’ quality of life
  • Why seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s need socialization and human connection — and the best way to open the door to that meaningful conversation.

…then you should listen to the show!


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