handshake2Partners – Who We Work With

We work with the husbands, wives, sons, daughters and grandchildren of the older adults and seniors that we visit. At Engage As You Age we understand that caring for a partner or being thrust in a reverse parenting role can be extremely difficult and we’re here to provide families with a respite.

We are also proud to work with geriatric care managers, case managers, conservators, fiduciaries, social workers, therapists, Alzheimer’s and dementia specialists and many other professionals that work with older adults and seniors.

We also work with retirement communities, assisted living facilities, continuing care and life care communities, alzheimer’s care communities, nursing homes and board and care residences.

Below are a few examples of the San Francisco Bay Area organizations that we work with:

rhodagoldmanRhoda Goldman Plaza

Engage As You Age provides group programming for Rhoda Goldman Plaza residents. Most recently, Engage As You Age facilitated a bi-weekly United States history discussion group. Rhoda Goldman is an assisted living facility located in San Francisco, CA.

livingwell Living Well Assisted Living At Home

Engage As You Age provides 1×1 visits for Living Well clients. Living Well provides elders who face medical or age-related challenges with a true alternative to moving into an assisted living facilities. Living Well’s highly-skilled and compassionate team, five-star concierge and hospitality services, and innovative technology keep seniors safe and pampered.

ladies-homeUniversity Mound Ladies Home

University Mound Ladies Home has offered San Francisco County women affordable assisted living facilities since 1884. Engage As You Age provides group programming for University Mound residents. Most recently, Engage has facilitated a bi-weekly workshop on beauty taught by a visual anthropologist.

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