• “Before I had Engage As You Age, I was often lonely at night and missed having people to talk with. The circumstances in my life are that I have asthma and emphysema and therefore it’s impossible to go to visit others, eat in the dining or go to community events. Thanks to Engage As You Age, I now enjoy great people who are companions to me each night. Some people read good books that I chose (or they suggest), others play scrabble with me and chat with me. We each share our lives together. It helps the time go by and I feel so cared for. having these wonderful younger people around me, gives me a certain mental stimulation that is a great joy to me.” – Anna, 93 (San Francisco, CA)
  • “We owe so much to Ben and his team for what they have done to help our Mom! Engage As You Age has filled a need, a very critical one, that no other organization comes close to addressing. Connection! Our mom has a number of handicaps, not unlike other seniors, that make it very difficult for her to participate in activities or become engaged with others in a way that helps keep her connected. Her mind is lively, but her body is not. When Ben met mom she felt like the excitement in her life was over. And here’s where Engage As You Age made all the difference. Ben met with mom and all of us. He learned about her interests, her dreams and her life. And then he found someone who would be able to really connect with Mom. We were concerned that it would be just another person who sat chatting with her–but Ben’s skill was in identifying just the right person to connect with our Mom. Her name is Bridget, and not only is Mom happy with her, but Mom looks forward to Bridget’s visits. Our whole family talks about her as if she were part of the family. Bridget has helped our Mom with the writing of her memoirs. She has also engaged Mom in documenting our family tree and history. Mom is happier, keener, healthier and has a positive outlook on her life. Thank you Ben and Engage As You Age. – Laura DuDell-Foley (Oakland, CA)
  • Engage As You Age offers the highest quality teachers/lecturers who are appreciated by our residents. We look forward to their visits.” – Esther Nichol (Activities Director, Rhoda Goldman Plaza, San Francisco, CA)
  • Engage As You Age has been like finding a diamond in a field of weeds. It’s given me such a feeling of relief. My mother feels so blessed to have someone interested in her. It’s a friendship.” – Carol Seltzer (San Francisco, CA)
  • “Engage As You Age has exceeded our expectations. When we sought a companion to visit my 87-year-old father once or twice a week, Ben thought Rebecca would be a good match, and his judgment could not have been better. Rebecca has been amazingly creative in drawing out my dad’s interests and initiating stimulating conversation that he truly enjoys. I suspect this is why he has become more and more engaged with others in his assisted-living community. It is also wonderful to have someone from outside the family come and listen to my dad’s stories from the past with a fresh ear and from a fresh perspective.” – Nancy (Palo Alto, CA)
  • “I am now able to operate my laptop Mac thanks to the invaluable assistance from Engage As You Age. Prior to this I was pretty much computer illiterate. It seems as if a whole new world has opened up.” -Richrd Krohn, 83, (San Francisco, CA)
  • Engage As You Age provides well-read, interesting and fun companions. The highest quality. My mother-in-law looks forward to each visit. I finally got some of my time back to do my own work once I began using this service.” – Jack Berriault (El Cerrito, CA)
  • My mother was hesitant at first when I initially suggested trying this service. Once she met Ben and his colleagues she embraced it. This has made such a difference in her life and mine.” – Leslie Lupinsky (San Francisco, CA)
  • “Engage As You Age was the solution that I was seeking. My mother has Alzheimer’s and loves to walk. What she really needed was social interaction and getting out of the apartment. Engage As You Age has been great about pairing her up with people with the right personalities to take her on walks. My mom is very particular and I find that the people that they use have a unique caring quality and provide a more personal interaction than a caregiver. Engage As You Age has been very thoughtful and accommodating in working with both myself and my mother. They treat our situation as a unique one and we really appreciate that.” – Audrey Hart (San Francisco, CA)
  • I initially contacted Engage As You Age as part of exploring resources to help my 59-year-old husband Paul with early-onset Alzheimer’s . . . As a psychotherapist myself, I was very impressed with the thoughtfulness, professionalism and sensitivity that Ben (from Engage As You Age) showed to us throughout the exploration process, and I anticipate referring my own clients and their loved ones to Engage As You Age when I think it will make a positive difference in their lives” – Rob, 53 (Berkeley, CA)
  • “My mother always wanted me to help her use the computer and I just never had the time. I felt bad not helping her. When I heard about Engage As You Age I thought that it was the perfect solution. At first my mom was hesitant. She was afraid whoever you sent would think that she was stupid. She loved her time with Alex [from Engage As You Age] and now she can not only look up sales on craigslist, she is also regularly emailing and doing online searches and research. Thanks so much to Alex and Engage As You Age for bringing her into this century. It has made BOTH of our lives easier!” – Carla Buffington, (Oakland, CA)
  • Engage As You Age paired me with an ebullient but lonely 83-year-old woman, Selma. She’s just as enthusiastic and curious about life as I am, so it’s a perfect fit. After just two visits, I could see the difference my conversation and companionship brought to this woman. Her face lights up when I knock on the door. Engage As You Age meets both of our needs. I get to do something I feel good about, and Selma gets to talk about what she loves (news, politics, Yiddish) with someone who truly cares.” – Stacey, 28 (San Francisco, CA)
  • Engage As You Age is the most caring and conscientious employer I’ve ever worked for. They are genuinely interested and concerned about their employees’ success and well-being (both at work and beyond). It’s a pleasure working for Engage As You Age.” – Amie (South San Francisco, CA)

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