Author: Ben Lewis

2014 – A Year of Growth for Engage As You Age

2014 was a remarkable year for Engage As You Age. We hired some amazing activity specialists who profoundly impacted many lives. We lost some of our favorite clients and met some amazing new ones along the way. 2015 will be Engage’s seventh year in business. I’ve learned so much from the thousands of seniors that I’ve… Read more »

Chase Small Business Contest – Mission Main Street Grants – Thank you!

We are now over 300 votes and appreciate all of your support in this fabulous contest. Please vote for us if you haven’t already – Thank you Chase for this great opportunity to apply for a grant that would transform our business. We’re working on the essays and close to finishing them up. The… Read more »

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Alzheimer’s Disease

Do you eat fish, chicken or nuts? If so, a recent study in Neurology should be of interest to you. The study found that the more Omega-3 fatty acids someone eats the lower their blood beta-amyloid levels. This is good news for those that eat a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids as previous studies have… Read more »

NPR’s “End of Life” Series Dies Today

Actually NPR’s series is not on its death bed but this will be the last day you can catch the series live on the air. Don’t fret because you can find the pod-casts for this week long series (Oct. 17-Oct. 25) that explores aging and the end of life on NPR’s website.  Many of us… Read more »

Seniors Using Facebook

You don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy Facebook! Seniors, even those over 100 (!),  are learning how to use Facebook and other social networks to maintain relationships with family and friends. Seniors and Facebook don’t go together like peanut butter and jelly just yet but that is certainly starting to change. Many seniors… Read more »

Playing an Instrument to Preserve Hearing

A third of people over the age of 60 have lost their ability to hear due to a decrease in being able to discriminate acoustic information from the environment! This powerful statistic comes from a study conducted by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. A different 2011 study found that being a… Read more »

Australians Seek to Eradicate Social Isolation of Elderly

“Social isolation is equivalent to the health effects of smoking 15 cigarettes a day or consuming more than six alcoholic drinks daily,” says Univeristy of Adelaide Professor Andrew Beer. Because of this, Beer has begun a research study to find out how to end social isolation of seniors. Beer is determined to combat the pernicious… Read more »

Living Well & Chronic Conditions – For Elders and Everyone

Living Well with Chronic Conditions, a Stanford University Self-Management Program, will begin on Monday, July 11th and is FREE to the public but space is limited. This workshop sounds like a great opportunity for anyone that has a chronic condition or anyone who is a family caregiver, caregiver or taking care of a senior or… Read more »

Burlingame Senior Care 101: Thursday, May 19th

Down to the Basics: Senior Care 101 to Illuminate Resources for Seniors and Their Loved Ones Navigating the maze of senior care can be overwhelming and confusing. But there are solutions – and a May 19 community discussion will offer up dozens. Engage As You Age, a company that provides social visits for isolated seniors,… Read more »

Undercover Boss and Homecare and Caregiving

Last night CBS featured a homecare company on its show Undercover Boss. What stood out to us at Engage As You Age was that the healthcare and caregiving scenes on the program seemed to focus on most everything but socialization for the seniors. Aside from bingo we didn’t see much meaningful conversation. Laundry was done,… Read more »

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