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Is There a Connection Between Hearing Loss and Dementia?

A developing body of research has found connections between hearing loss and dementia, and a new book explores this from a first person perspective. “Shouting Won’t Help: Why I—and 50 Million Other Americans—Can’t Hear You” chronicles a former newspaper editor’s experience with hearing loss over a period of 20 years. Katherine Bouton, an editor at The… Read more »

Dr. Bortz to speak in Palo Alto about “Next Medicine….” on Tuesday April 5th

On Tuesday, April 5th, there will be a “Meet the Author” presentation at Avenidas in Palo Alto, California. The author will be Dr. Walter Bortz and he’ll be discussing his recent book (released in January 2011) New Medicine: The Science and Civics of Health. The stats that jump out at you are that Americans spend… Read more »

2011 Elders Prose and Poetry Contest

Do you live in an assisted living facility? Do you live in a nursing home? An independent-living retirement community? Do you go to adult day care or have homecare or a caregiver help you out so you can age in place as opposed to moving into a facility? Most importantly: do you consider yourself an… Read more »

What if you came home one day and your wife didn’t recognize you?

Can you imagine the pain and heartbreak? This is what happened to Barry Peterson, a CBS news correspondent. He came home one day and his wife Jan, also a television journalist, didn’t recognize him. She mixed up the words in her sentences. Eventually, she had trouble even forming a sentence. Peterson just released a book… Read more »

The Roadmap to 100 – New Book by Bortz and Stickrod

There will be up to 6 million centenarians in the world by the middle of this century! According to Dr. Walter M. Bortz II and Randall Stickrod, most of these centenarians will be healthy, functional and largely independent. The Roadmap to 100, Bortz and Stickrod’s new book, utilizes new science and a thirty-year longitudinal study… Read more »

Author and Sociologist Lyndsay Green Finds Friendships Help Aging More than Money!

Lyndsay Green’s new book You Could Live a Long Time: Are You Ready? features the insights that she gleaned from interviewing 40 seniors who were identified as “role models for aging” by the people who know them. The 40 seniors interviewed in the book were Canadians ranging in age from 75 to 100. They were… Read more »

Philip Roth discusses aging and engages as he ages

I recently re-read Philip Roth’s Everyman and it got me wondering if Philip Roth had been asked in an interview about aging. I tracked down a few video clips on YouTube. In one of them, Roth says that the “standard story is that age brings about wisdom” and he doesn’t buy into that narrative. I… Read more »

The Story of Forgetting

Stefan Merrill Block’s The Story of Forgetting is an amazing first novel that attempts to give a voice to Alzheimer’s. It uses early-onset Alzheimer’s or familial Alzheimer’s disease (EOA) as a starting point of examining the human condition. The two narrators of the novel have not only different voices but different perspectives as they’re 15… Read more »

The Wonder Years – New and GREAT Photography Book

San Francisco book publisher Chronicle has recently released a GREAT photography book, The Wonder Years: Portraits of Athletes Who Never Slow Down. The book interviews, photographs and tells the stories of older adults and seniors who keep on engaging in their favorite physical pursuits such as swimming, running, surfing and many others. The photographs are… Read more »

When The Time Comes – Paula Span’s new book

Has anyone read Paula Span’s book When The Time Comes? In it, Span examines the way in which 12 families navigate their respective eldercare decisions. This is a great read for families currently dealing with aging issues but also a wonderful resource for those who are  looking to proactively tackle issues of aging. Span, a contributing reporter… Read more »

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