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Bay Area AARP Members Save on Long Term Care Insurance And Much More

It’s new-tradition-Tuesday here at Engage As You Age, and so we’re starting a new one on our blog. Each Tuesday, we’ll be highlighting  senior services in the San Francisco Bay Area that complement our unique, one-of-a-kind social engagement offerings. The San Francisco Bay Area offers an array of community resources for seniors, so the blogs… Read more »

After 576,000 Miles, Nonagenarian Hands Over the Car Keys

The dreaded moment: When a senior citizen must give up the car keys. But for 93-year-old Rachel Veitch, the moment was just the next logical step—in her life, and the life of her trusty 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente. After driving 576,000 miles — or more than a trip to the moon and back – Veitch,… Read more »

Betty White and Friends Get ‘Off Their Rockers’ to Get Some Laughs

Ashton Kutcher, move over. Betty White has arrived. And she and her senior-citizen friends are finding new meaning in the term “punk’d.” Just in time for her 90th birthday, White debuted a new TV series, “Off Their Rockers,” a hidden camera show where elderly individuals prank the younger generation. The pranks capitalize on the endearing… Read more »

Dementia Patients and Family Caregivers Seldom Agree on Care

Caregivers and their relatives who suffer from mild to moderate dementia often have different perceptions about the amount and quality of care given and received, so says a study by researchers at Penn State and the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. A major source of those differences? Caregivers do not understand the things that are… Read more »

Scientists identify ways Alzheimer’s may be preventable

A recently published study indicates there may be new hope for the millions of elderly Americans who suffer from Alzheimer’s—and the caregivers who look after them. Over half of all Alzheimer’s disease cases could potentially be prevented through lifestyle changes and treatment or prevention of chronic medical conditions, said the study. The researchers at the… Read more »

Living Well & Chronic Conditions – For Elders and Everyone

Living Well with Chronic Conditions, a Stanford University Self-Management Program, will begin on Monday, July 11th and is FREE to the public but space is limited. This workshop sounds like a great opportunity for anyone that has a chronic condition or anyone who is a family caregiver, caregiver or taking care of a senior or… Read more »

Burlingame Senior Care 101: Thursday, May 19th

Down to the Basics: Senior Care 101 to Illuminate Resources for Seniors and Their Loved Ones Navigating the maze of senior care can be overwhelming and confusing. But there are solutions – and a May 19 community discussion will offer up dozens. Engage As You Age, a company that provides social visits for isolated seniors,… Read more »

Undercover Boss and Homecare and Caregiving

Last night CBS featured a homecare company on its show Undercover Boss. What stood out to us at Engage As You Age was that the healthcare and caregiving scenes on the program seemed to focus on most everything but socialization for the seniors. Aside from bingo we didn’t see much meaningful conversation. Laundry was done,… Read more »

Sensor for Seniors No Substitute for Social Circle

Japanese inventors are developing a wearable sensor to improve the care of its nation’s seniors. The device is not yet ready for commercial use, but already senior caregivers in Japan are talking about the broad implications of the invention, which will be able to track a seniors’ movements with a built-in microphone, camera and motion… Read more »

Untreated Hearing Loss, Isolation, Anxiety, Depression and Seniors

The title of this blog post sort of sounds like a vegetable soup of unhealthy ingredients for a senior. Hearing loss, social isolation, anxiety and depression all came together in the findings of a study conducted by the Seniors Research Group (an alliance between the National Council on Aging and Market Strategies Inc.). The good… Read more »

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