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S.F. Board of Supervisors Holds Town Hall Meetings on Aging Issues

If you’re a senior citizen in San Francisco concerned about how the city is planning for and investing in resources for aging in place and healthy aging, then mark your calendars for two upcoming town hall meetings on the city’s budget. For Districts 5 & 6, hear from Supervisors London Breed & Jane Kim on Monday, May 13, 2013 (6:00 –… Read more »

Hollywood Goes Gray With Films About Aging

Two of 2012’s best movies tackle the topic of getting older with honesty, humor and compassion. Two Must-See Films About Aging: Dustin Hoffman makes his directorial debut–as a septuagenarian no less–with “Quartet,” a funny and poignant tale of aging musicians living in a retirement home for retired opera singers. “What is it like to be… Read more »

Engage’s Zina Al-Shukri Headlines Art Opening Tonight

Zina Al-Shukri, a long-time Engage As You Age Activity Specialist, will unveil her first solo-exhibition tonight at the opening reception of Rapport, a collection of portraits each completed in a single sitting. SFist has the opening at Adobe Books featured on its homepage today – and we are mighty proud to see one of our own… Read more »

Occupy Goes Grey: As Seniors Demonstrate, Bank Shuts Down

With their wisdom and white hair, a group of elderly activists shut down a San Francisco Bank of America branch near Bernal Heights on Mission Street. Calling themselves “wild old women,” the group of 12 protesters ranged in age from 69 to 82. On Jan. 5, they traveled to the bank with their walkers and… Read more »

A Thicker Net: Health Forum Aims to Improve Support Services for Seniors

California’s elderly population is growing–while funding for essential services continues to shrink. Advocates, including seniors themselves, are unhappy but resourceful, and are beginning to strategize about reversing the trend (or determining alternative solutions should that prove impossible). Enter the second Senior Health Policy Forum, scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 30 in San Francisco. The first Bay Area… Read more »

NPR’s “End of Life” Series Dies Today

Actually NPR’s series is not on its death bed but this will be the last day you can catch the series live on the air. Don’t fret because you can find the pod-casts for this week long series (Oct. 17-Oct. 25) that explores aging and the end of life on NPR’s website.  Many of us… Read more »

Highway billboard celebrates 95 years for Lou Poletti

Ninety-five years is 34,698 days. Which is another way of saying that 95 years is an achievement. An achievement worthy of a billboard. On Highway 101 South, a billboard celebrates this very milestone, announcing Lou Poletti’s 95th birthday. Poletti started Poletti Realty, a South San Francisco family business founded in 1956. The full-sized billboard at… Read more »

Living Well & Chronic Conditions – For Elders and Everyone

Living Well with Chronic Conditions, a Stanford University Self-Management Program, will begin on Monday, July 11th and is FREE to the public but space is limited. This workshop sounds like a great opportunity for anyone that has a chronic condition or anyone who is a family caregiver, caregiver or taking care of a senior or… Read more »

Burlingame Senior Care 101: Thursday, May 19th

Down to the Basics: Senior Care 101 to Illuminate Resources for Seniors and Their Loved Ones Navigating the maze of senior care can be overwhelming and confusing. But there are solutions – and a May 19 community discussion will offer up dozens. Engage As You Age, a company that provides social visits for isolated seniors,… Read more »

Dr. Bortz to speak in Palo Alto about “Next Medicine….” on Tuesday April 5th

On Tuesday, April 5th, there will be a “Meet the Author” presentation at Avenidas in Palo Alto, California. The author will be Dr. Walter Bortz and he’ll be discussing his recent book (released in January 2011) New Medicine: The Science and Civics of Health. The stats that jump out at you are that Americans spend… Read more »

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