dementiaEarly-Onset Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Engage As You Age is a wonderful resource and provides respites for families who have a loved one who has mild dementia or early-onset Alzheimer’s. Studies have shown that social engagement can significantly reduce the risk of dementia.

We understand that dementia and Alzheimer’s are experienced in different ways and always customize our programs to meet you and your family’s individual needs.

Clinicians have described seven stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Engage As You Age is a great fit for people in the first four stages of Alzheimer’s disease:

  1. No Impairment – no memory problems are evident; even to a medical professional.
  2. Mild Decline – individuals are aware of memory lapses, forget where everyday objects are, forget familiar words.
  3. Mild Cognitive Decline – forget names of new people, social and work performance issues apparent to others, difficulty planning
  4. Moderate Decline (mild or early stage) – forgetful of personal history, may seem subdued or withdrawn, complex tasks become difficult.

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Below are some informative websites with a wealth of information about Alzheimer’s and dementia:

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