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Nonagenarian Athletes Look Back on Medals of Olympic Past

This week, Engage As You Age is blogging about three elderly Olympic athletes, who deserve to be recognized for their athletic achievements. Check back tomorrow for another profile of one of the world’s oldest living Olympians—an 89-year-old track star!   In the glitz and glamour of the 2012 Olympic Games, it’s easy to forget that… Read more »

Nonagenarian Yogi Teaches Fellow Seniors

A nonagenarian woman in Delaware has been teaching yoga for 40 years—without charging a dime. And when she moved into a retirement community in 2005, she not only kept up her personal practice, but also began teaching yoga to her fellow assisted living residents. Nineteen seniors regularly attend her yoga classes. These yoga classes for… Read more »

On the Road Again…Alternative Assisted Living, RV-Style

Arthritis, vision failure and dementia can be challenging for anyone–but the ailments are especially difficult for those people who built their lives around seeing the country from the window of an RV. Once driving becomes impossible, so too does the RV lifestyle, and the community that goes with it. With this in mind, a retired… Read more »

Octet of Centenarians – Elder Friendships Centered Around Interests and Not Just Age

One of our regular blog readers recently contacted Engage As You Age and noted that they saw a short blurb about an octet of centenarians getting together in Lawrenceville, NJ at a nursing facility to celebrate their longevity. These group celebrations of being 100 turn out to be much more common than you might suspect…. Read more »

Untreated Hearing Loss, Isolation, Anxiety, Depression and Seniors

The title of this blog post sort of sounds like a vegetable soup of unhealthy ingredients for a senior. Hearing loss, social isolation, anxiety and depression all came together in the findings of a study conducted by the Seniors Research Group (an alliance between the National Council on Aging and Market Strategies Inc.). The good… Read more »

Bay Area Summit Writes Article on Engage As You Age

Bay Area Summit, A Quarterly Newsletter for Midlife and Older Adults recently wrote an article on Engage As You Age. The article, “Engaging While Aging: What’s Good for the Brain is Good for the Soul,” describes our services that many residents of assisted living and continuing care retirement homes have benefited from. It also captures… Read more »

Mae Laborde, 93 and begins an acting career, not homecare!

She stands two inches shy of five feet and didn’t begin acting professionally until she was 93. Mae Laborde isn’t looking to move into an assisted living facility or seeking homecare. Chances are that she is on the phone trying to track down her agent. At the age of 93, Mae Laborde became a professional… Read more »

2011 Elders Prose and Poetry Contest

Do you live in an assisted living facility? Do you live in a nursing home? An independent-living retirement community? Do you go to adult day care or have homecare or a caregiver help you out so you can age in place as opposed to moving into a facility? Most importantly: do you consider yourself an… Read more »

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