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Hollywood Goes Gray With Films About Aging

Two of 2012’s best movies tackle the topic of getting older with honesty, humor and compassion. Two Must-See Films About Aging: Dustin Hoffman makes his directorial debut–as a septuagenarian no less–with “Quartet,” a funny and poignant tale of aging musicians living in a retirement home for retired opera singers. “What is it like to be… Read more »

Home Alone: More Seniors with Dementia Aging in Place … Solo

A new report from the Alzheimer’s Association indicates that a growing number of people with dementia live alone—more than 800,000 across the country and 72,000 in California. The report, “2012 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures,” estimates that one in seven people with Alzheimer’s or dementia lives alone, and that up to half of those people have no… Read more »

Dementia Patients and Family Caregivers Seldom Agree on Care

Caregivers and their relatives who suffer from mild to moderate dementia often have different perceptions about the amount and quality of care given and received, so says a study by researchers at Penn State and the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. A major source of those differences? Caregivers do not understand the things that are… Read more »

Living Well & Chronic Conditions – For Elders and Everyone

Living Well with Chronic Conditions, a Stanford University Self-Management Program, will begin on Monday, July 11th and is FREE to the public but space is limited. This workshop sounds like a great opportunity for anyone that has a chronic condition or anyone who is a family caregiver, caregiver or taking care of a senior or… Read more »

Centenarian tricycles his way to good health

A 103rd birthday hasn’t stopped one man from cruising around town on three wheels.

Engage As You Age in the News!

Engage As You Age continues to catch the eye of both boomer-focused websites and also those in the start-up business community. We’re excited that our services are getting publicity. We’ve seen firsthand how much of a difference our services for seniors make for baby boomers and family caregivers. In the last few weeks both Bette… Read more »

World’s Oldest Billionaire ‘Races’ to Engage

Today, Haefner is 100 years old and worth an estimated $8.3 billion and ranked 27th on the Forbes World’s Richest People list. Even without basic computer skills today, Haefner knew then that computers were the wave of the future and he latched on.
Haefner is a prime example of a person who engages as they age. Rather than retiring and resting on his laurels, Haefner has remained active in his retirement.

Sensor for Seniors No Substitute for Social Circle

Japanese inventors are developing a wearable sensor to improve the care of its nation’s seniors. The device is not yet ready for commercial use, but already senior caregivers in Japan are talking about the broad implications of the invention, which will be able to track a seniors’ movements with a built-in microphone, camera and motion… Read more »

Washington University Magazine Profiles Ben Lewis

The spring 2011 edition of Washington University Magazine has a profile on Engage As You Age’s founder, Ben Lewis.  The article, “Entrepreneur Engages the Elderly,” discusses the history of Engage As You Age and also clearly explains the difference between Engage’s services and that of homecare and caregiving. Currently offering services in the San Francisco… Read more »

Blues Great David “Honeyboy” Edwards TONIGHT in San Francisco

Residents of the San Francisco Bay Area have an amazing opportunity this evening to hear not only someone engage as they age but to hear a legend engaging live on the guitar in San Francisco. David “Honeyboy” Edwards is currently the second oldest Delta blues performer still performing around the country. Honeyboy’s close friend Pinetop… Read more »

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