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Obama infuses millions into NIH Alzheimer’s research

One million Americans are living with the AIDS virus, and the federal government annually spends $3 billion on research. Five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s or dementia and the number is on track to double by 2050; yet the U.S. government spends just $450 million on the disease. President Obama and the Department of… Read more »

Dementia Patients and Family Caregivers Seldom Agree on Care

Caregivers and their relatives who suffer from mild to moderate dementia often have different perceptions about the amount and quality of care given and received, so says a study by researchers at Penn State and the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. A major source of those differences? Caregivers do not understand the things that are… Read more »

Alzheimer’s and Obituaries in San Francisco

I just did a search for “Alzheimer’s” on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website and roughly 3 out of 4 of the results were obituaries. There are plenty of statistics that you can find on Alzheimer’s (often courtesy of the Alzheimer’s Association) but I personally find the results of this search that I just did extremely… Read more »

26th International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International

The 26th International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International will take place on March 26th through March 29th in Toronto, Canada. The theme of the conference is “The Changing Face of Dementia.” The conference will focus on current research on dementia and Alzheimer’s and examine different dementia care options and explore homecare, caregiving and other community… Read more »

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