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A Thicker Net: Health Forum Aims to Improve Support Services for Seniors

California’s elderly population is growing–while funding for essential services continues to shrink. Advocates, including seniors themselves, are unhappy but resourceful, and are beginning to strategize about reversing the trend (or determining alternative solutions should that prove impossible). Enter the second Senior Health Policy Forum, scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 30 in San Francisco. The¬†first Bay Area… Read more »

On the Road Again…Alternative Assisted Living, RV-Style

Arthritis, vision failure and dementia can be challenging for anyone–but the ailments are especially difficult for those people who built their lives around seeing the country from the window of an RV. Once driving becomes impossible, so too does the RV lifestyle, and the community that goes with it. With this in mind, a retired… Read more »

Undercover Boss and Homecare and Caregiving

Last night CBS featured a homecare company on its show Undercover Boss. What stood out to us at Engage As You Age was that the healthcare and caregiving scenes on the program seemed to focus on most everything but socialization for the seniors. Aside from bingo we didn’t see much meaningful conversation. Laundry was done,… Read more »

26th International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International

The 26th International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International will take place on March 26th through March 29th in Toronto, Canada. The theme of the conference is “The Changing Face of Dementia.” The conference will focus on current research on dementia and Alzheimer’s and examine different dementia care options and explore homecare, caregiving and other community… Read more »

World’s Oldest Billionaire ‘Races’ to Engage

Today, Haefner is 100 years old and worth an estimated $8.3 billion and ranked 27th on the Forbes World’s Richest People list. Even without basic computer skills today, Haefner knew then that computers were the wave of the future and he latched on.
Haefner is a prime example of a person who engages as they age. Rather than retiring and resting on his laurels, Haefner has remained active in his retirement.

Sensor for Seniors No Substitute for Social Circle

Japanese inventors are developing a wearable sensor to improve the care of its nation’s seniors. The device is not yet ready for commercial use, but already senior caregivers in Japan are talking about the broad implications of the invention, which will be able to track a seniors’ movements with a built-in microphone, camera and motion… Read more »

Washington University Magazine Profiles Ben Lewis

The spring 2011 edition of Washington University Magazine has a profile on Engage As You Age’s founder, Ben Lewis.¬† The article, “Entrepreneur Engages the Elderly,” discusses the history of Engage As You Age and also clearly explains the difference between Engage’s services and that of homecare and caregiving. Currently offering services in the San Francisco… Read more »

Care Innovations: GE and Intel Provide Technology Solutions for Seniors

Intel and GE and have come together (in a 50/50 venture) to “create technology-based solutions that give people confidence to live independently, wherever they are.” They currently have a placeholder website that says that on January 18, 2011 it will be up and running. We’re very curious at Engage As You Age to learn what… Read more »

Mill Valley Events for Seniors – Get Ready to be Engaged!

There are lots of wonderful things happening in Marin County for seniors this winter. So if you’re an elder or senior and reside in Marin County there are a lot of great options for you to stay informed about everything from homecare to the Middle East (we’ll get to that later in this blog). Villages… Read more »

Meaningful Conversation and Happiness

A recent study in Psychological Science found that substantive conversation can have meaning for people beyond the topic of the discussion…. It makes ’em happy! Washington University Professor Simine Vazire and three other professors found in their study that those who were happiest engaged in meaningful conversations twice as often as those who were found… Read more »

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