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Nonagenarian Yogi Teaches Fellow Seniors

A nonagenarian woman in Delaware has been teaching yoga for 40 years—without charging a dime. And when she moved into a retirement community in 2005, she not only kept up her personal practice, but also began teaching yoga to her fellow assisted living residents. Nineteen seniors regularly attend her yoga classes. These yoga classes for… Read more »

After 576,000 Miles, Nonagenarian Hands Over the Car Keys

The dreaded moment: When a senior citizen must give up the car keys. But for 93-year-old Rachel Veitch, the moment was just the next logical step—in her life, and the life of her trusty 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente. After driving 576,000 miles — or more than a trip to the moon and back – Veitch,… Read more »

Betty White and Friends Get ‘Off Their Rockers’ to Get Some Laughs

Ashton Kutcher, move over. Betty White has arrived. And she and her senior-citizen friends are finding new meaning in the term “punk’d.” Just in time for her 90th birthday, White debuted a new TV series, “Off Their Rockers,” a hidden camera show where elderly individuals prank the younger generation. The pranks capitalize on the endearing… Read more »

Highway billboard celebrates 95 years for Lou Poletti

Ninety-five years is 34,698 days. Which is another way of saying that 95 years is an achievement. An achievement worthy of a billboard. On Highway 101 South, a billboard celebrates this very milestone, announcing Lou Poletti’s 95th birthday. Poletti started Poletti Realty, a South San Francisco family business founded in 1956. The full-sized billboard at… Read more »

Octet of Centenarians – Elder Friendships Centered Around Interests and Not Just Age

One of our regular blog readers recently contacted Engage As You Age and noted that they saw a short blurb about an octet of centenarians getting together in Lawrenceville, NJ at a nursing facility to celebrate their longevity. These group celebrations of being 100 turn out to be much more common than you might suspect…. Read more »

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