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Meaningful Conversation and Happiness

A recent study in Psychological Science found that substantive conversation can have meaning for people beyond the topic of the discussion…. It makes ’em happy! Washington University Professor Simine Vazire and three other professors found in their study that those who were happiest engaged in meaningful conversations twice as often as those who were found… Read more »

Mae Laborde, 93 and begins an acting career, not homecare!

She stands two inches shy of five feet and didn’t begin acting professionally until she was 93. Mae Laborde isn’t looking to move into an assisted living facility or seeking homecare. Chances are that she is on the phone trying to track down her agent. At the age of 93, Mae Laborde became a professional… Read more »

2011 Elders Prose and Poetry Contest

Do you live in an assisted living facility? Do you live in a nursing home? An independent-living retirement community? Do you go to adult day care or have homecare or a caregiver help you out so you can age in place as opposed to moving into a facility? Most importantly: do you consider yourself an… Read more »

70 years old, and an Ironman relay

Twenty-six miles is a tremendous distance even for the most fit individual. So Gail Jonas, a longtime Healdsburg resident, deserves a round of applause for going the distance at 70 years old. On Aug. 1, Jonas ran a marathon as part of the Vineman Ironman Relay, which she completed with her son (who cycled 112… Read more »

The Great Omani – His Last Stunt at 90!

Have you ever thought of becoming an escapist or stuntman? Could you imagine doing that in your 80s? Or even 90s? Ronald Cunningham, better known as “The Great Omani,” continued to engaged in great escapes and amazing stunts until he was 90! Born on July 10, 1915 in England, Cunningham’s life was changed forever in… Read more »

Asus Skype Videophone – Now Has A Touchscreen!

Do you know a senior or elder in San Francisco (or anywhere in the Bay Area or world) that has a hard time with a computer but would love to use Skype? Asus (a Taiwanese company that makes laptops as well) has created a dedicated Skype Videophone that is called the AiGuru SV1T Skype Videophone…. Read more »

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