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Inside the Brains of SuperAgers

Is it possible for an 80-year-old brain to look like a 50-year-old brain? And if so, how? One researcher at Northwestern University was determined to find out. Neuroscientist Emily Rogalski from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine began recruiting volunteers age 80 and up from the Chicago area to test their memories. Why do some… Read more »

Bay Area Radio Station Features Engage Founder

KHMB Half Moon Bay recently featured Engage As You Age’s founder on its weekly radio broadcast, Porch Talk, a radio show focused on healthy aging. Host Jeannine Clark interviewed Ben Lewis the KHMB studios January 20. The broadcast is available in its entirety on the station’s website. If you’ve ever wanted to know… The story… Read more »

89-year-old San Rafael Senior Launches Business with Grandson

  Pearl Malkin might just be the San Francisco Bay Area’s next great entrepreneur. An 89-year-old senior in San Rafael, she began using a cane when she got vertigo. She was depressed just looking at her plain black cane. So this enterprising octogenarian got a hot glue gun, silk flowers and a pair of scissors…. Read more »

Is There a Connection Between Hearing Loss and Dementia?

A developing body of research has found connections between hearing loss and dementia, and a new book explores this from a first person perspective. “Shouting Won’t Help: Why I—and 50 Million Other Americans—Can’t Hear You” chronicles a former newspaper editor’s experience with hearing loss over a period of 20 years. Katherine Bouton, an editor at The… Read more »

Nonagenarian Athletes Look Back on Medals of Olympic Past

This week, Engage As You Age is blogging about three elderly Olympic athletes, who deserve to be recognized for their athletic achievements. Check back tomorrow for another profile of one of the world’s oldest living Olympians—an 89-year-old track star!   In the glitz and glamour of the 2012 Olympic Games, it’s easy to forget that… Read more »

Dementia Forces Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Stop Writing

The Nobel prizewinning author Gabriel García Márquez is suffering from dementia and can no longer write, his brother revealed this week in Colombia. The Guardian reported that Jaime García Márquez told students in Cartagena that his older brother “has problems with his memory. Sometimes I cry because I feel like I’m losing him,” he said. It… Read more »

Nonagenarian Yogi Teaches Fellow Seniors

A nonagenarian woman in Delaware has been teaching yoga for 40 years—without charging a dime. And when she moved into a retirement community in 2005, she not only kept up her personal practice, but also began teaching yoga to her fellow assisted living residents. Nineteen seniors regularly attend her yoga classes. These yoga classes for… Read more »

UCSF study links loneliness to health problems and death

It’s never easy to be lonely, but it can be dangerous—life-threatening, even—for the elderly. So says a study published this week in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The six-year study, conducted by physicians at the University of California San Francisco, found that people who reported being lonely were more likely to suffer a decline in… Read more »

After 576,000 Miles, Nonagenarian Hands Over the Car Keys

The dreaded moment: When a senior citizen must give up the car keys. But for 93-year-old Rachel Veitch, the moment was just the next logical step—in her life, and the life of her trusty 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente. After driving 576,000 miles — or more than a trip to the moon and back – Veitch,… Read more »

‘Hope of Old Men’ Riding High Toward 2012 Games

In 1964, Hiroshi Hoketsu competed in his first Olympic games. Fast forward almost 50 years later—and he may now beat his own previous record as the eldest Japanese Olympian.  The 70-year-old senior qualified for this summer’s London games, and is awaiting formal announcements for the Japanese Equestrian team. Mr. Hoketsu has high hopes he’ll be… Read more »

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