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Taizo Exercise Robot, Ipad for Seniors and Other Thoughts on Technology for Seniors

Our friends at Living Well Assisted Living At Home just emailed us a link to this exercise robot that came out last year. Called the Taizo Exercise Robot and made by Robotix, we’re not sure what people get for their estimated $8,000 price. Our gut tells us that fitness instructors for the elderly don’t have… Read more »

Asus Skype Videophone – Now Has A Touchscreen!

Do you know a senior or elder in San Francisco (or anywhere in the Bay Area or world) that has a hard time with a computer but would love to use Skype? Asus (a Taiwanese company that makes laptops as well) has created a dedicated Skype Videophone that is called the AiGuru SV1T Skype Videophone…. Read more »

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