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Home Alone: More Seniors with Dementia Aging in Place … Solo

A new report from the Alzheimer’s Association indicates that a growing number of people with dementia live alone—more than 800,000 across the country and 72,000 in California. The report, “2012 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures,” estimates that one in seven people with Alzheimer’s or dementia lives alone, and that up to half of those people have no… Read more »

World’s Oldest Billionaire ‘Races’ to Engage

Today, Haefner is 100 years old and worth an estimated $8.3 billion and ranked 27th on the Forbes World’s Richest People list. Even without basic computer skills today, Haefner knew then that computers were the wave of the future and he latched on.
Haefner is a prime example of a person who engages as they age. Rather than retiring and resting on his laurels, Haefner has remained active in his retirement.

Sensor for Seniors No Substitute for Social Circle

Japanese inventors are developing a wearable sensor to improve the care of its nation’s seniors. The device is not yet ready for commercial use, but already senior caregivers in Japan are talking about the broad implications of the invention, which will be able to track a seniors’ movements with a built-in microphone, camera and motion… Read more »

Technology for Seniors Discussed at The City Club of San Francisco

Ben Lewis, the founder of Engage As You Age, will be giving a talk on “Nanatechnology: Gizmos and Gadgets for Seniors, Boomers and Kids” this Thursday, February 3rd, at 6 pm at The City Club of San Francisco. Learn about skype and seniors, the pros and cons of seniors using Ipads and also about many… Read more »

Asus Skype Videophone – Now Has A Touchscreen!

Do you know a senior or elder in San Francisco (or anywhere in the Bay Area or world) that has a hard time with a computer but would love to use Skype? Asus (a Taiwanese company that makes laptops as well) has created a dedicated Skype Videophone that is called the AiGuru SV1T Skype Videophone…. Read more »

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